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Vibrational SOUND Techniques

We are all unique vibratory beings with our own unique vibratory frequency.  Science teaches us that everything in the world is energy - a constant movement of atoms, electrons, protons and molecules - all moving in a harmonic dance. 

Every part of our body has its own resonant frequency which is affected by stress, poor nutrition, anxiety, lack of sleep and life in general.  When are physical body is run down, we are more susceptible to poor health or disease.  Vibrational Sound healing stimulates any weakness to vibrate in sympathy and bring the weak part into harmony.  Sound healing is all about using the vibration of sound to return our bodies to a state of balance, harmony and resonance.

Sound is a universal motif in every great spiritual and mystical belief system.  Great religions have always used sound and music to intensify our communion with the divine power, however we define or name that power.  

Modern medicine has only one serious application for sound, and that is as a diagnostic tool in the form of ultrasound.  Sound has been shown to actually aid our immune system and help people who are sick, especially cancer patients.  Many alternative modalities are now incorporating 'vibration' therapy into their treatments.  Some of them are listed below:


Tuning Forks
The vibrations created by tuning forks travel deeply into the body, stimulating energy pathways and clearing blockages.  Tuning forks can be placed on the body directly or some are used in the energy field.

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Tibetan Bowls or Singing Bowls
Tibetan bowls have been used for centuries and each one is hand crafted.  They have specific tones and can be struck or rubbed around the rim to create different overtones which relieve stress and tension and give a sense of happiness and wellbeing.  They can be placed on certain parts of the body or used to clear energies.

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Crystal Bowls
Crystal bowls also have different pitches which correlate with the body's energy centers and can be used for clearing unwanted energies in and around the body, allowing the body to balance.

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Toning is a method of using the voice to move unwanted energies and is very effective in moving past traumas, clearing emotions and opening to a clearer being.

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Tibetan Tingsha are small cymbals used in prayer and rituals by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners.  The two cymbals are joined together by a leather strap or chain and when stsruck together produce a clear & high pitched tone.  They are used along with singing bowls and other instruments in meditation, music and sound healing. 

Image result for picture of tingsha

Specific Musics
Many different forms of music can also transform the healing of a person's body - physically, emotionally and spiritually and used in conjunction with other treatments, enhances the ability for healing.

Some or all of these techniques are used in a treatment session based on the needs of the client.  For more information, contact Georgia.


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